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February 2015 triathlon cultural and recreational activities

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During the winter in order to allow students to be dynamic and diverse activities to physical training, enhance physical; promote health, organizing women marathon, men and boys push-ups and sit-ups and other triathlon race activities. First up indoor marathon preliminaries, before taking the boys grades eight, five former female students into the finals, when the final person to run the boys are outside of the track 25 laps playground (about 5,000 meters), the girls ran playground inside of runway 15 per person circle (about 3,400 meters) to showdown. Then the boys pushups race, the way the game is completed every 50 times, in place within 30 seconds gymnastics, relax, drink, etc., and then continue the action. Next came the boys and girls sit-ups, according to the rules of each completed 100 times, in place to rest for 30 seconds, and then continue to work hard to fight the war. The rules of the game, in the middle triathlon is held for the last time during a short break and the number of minor adjustments, have students compare the actual physical condition. The results of this event, and to refresh the last record, the brilliant achievements, each winner to become a truly "Iron Man." Greek by this activity so that students understand their own self-month physical progress of the case, and the reference room and the students of the same age, physical fitness differences with each other. Expect each student monthly fitness can progress, and maintain a healthy body, serious and happy learning. This activity handling units and Phone: 886-04-8742111 ext discipline Section 403
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