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Court harmonica class students won the national music competition harmonica ensemble group of high school vocational groups Excellence

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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He mad harmonica Court challenging levels across classes to attend school enrollment group "National Student Music Competition 2014 school year," live up to expectations, won the harmonica ensemble group of excellent high school grades of winning organizations. Following the Court harmonica class students won the national student group Changhua County High School Music Competition preliminaries harmonica ensemble first one, did not slack, Cheng Chen of teachers under the guidance of hard, harmonica classes of students in an effort to make unremitting perseverance, go all out towards the fight for the highest honor of the goal, and finally live up to expectations get excellent results, race results back to the hospital after, the students and faculty are all inspired, share the glory. Forbes magazine publisher - Maier Kang once said: "to reach the end is great, but the process is always the most fun part," I believe that by every race and performances, students build self-confidence and sense of honor, and cherish every opportunity to demonstrate their ability to expand your horizons, and then work as a team, to challenge themselves, which is not the same as seeing yourself. This activity handling units and Phone: 886-04-8742111 ext discipline Section 403
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