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Male and female boxing team to participate in the Court, "in 2015 in Changhua County Educational Cup Boxing Tournament" great victories

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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Congratulations to our hospital for men and women boxing students, 2015 April 15 to April 17 to participate in "2015, Changhua County Educational Cup Boxing Tournament", after three days of bloody battles in a row, won the gold medal total of seven surface, silver and 7 surface Bronze 3 sides, and get the first group of high school women's groups, women's groups in high school and high school men's third team third. Court boxing weekdays learning process is not sloppy, weight, endurance, muscular endurance enhancement, mental training building, no one can reduce, or even to maintain weight balance, braving the sun, wearing a raincoat, running around the playground . Another coach who also continued to strengthen character education so that students observe strike by offensive and defensive boxing, spying brave tip, internalized into the inner Takenori; known as forward only, reasonable manner, and never relied on the skills and the potential for bullying in person . Sweet fruit is the result of hard work in return, Qimian students cherish every chance to compete, accumulate experience points, and used in the next journey of life, positive Looking challenges, breaking the difficulties, to create their own legend. This activity handling units and Phone: 886-04-8742111 ext discipline Section 403
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