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April 2015 cultural and recreational activities, "Rope Skipping Competition" Activities

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April 28, 2015 afternoon, the hospital for intake of students cultural and recreational activities - skipping the game, in the absence of academic pressure to ease the feelings of joy, greet the arrival of summer. Skipping this game there are two projects, the first stage is skipping around in the big game, this game is a team focused on understanding, coordination, of course, there is strength, endurance, students at the edge of the jump, no time on the sidelines no sound came inspire, motivate students to persist in the end, for the class struggle supreme honor for himself. Followed by skipping relay, each participating student, are based on one hundred meters sprint race speed, courage, and with a rope around in rhythm, showing teeth, the mission will be the determination of the image, adhere to the last minute, give full play to the spirit of sportsmanship. After the game, then carry out the awards, the president will hand the prize to the winning students, alumni students can see the look of pride and excitement, and reward students fighting spirit. The afternoon sun shine student enthusiasm, the impression the game when, slowly fades. The activity unit and handle phone: discipline department 886-04-8742111 ext 403
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