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Court female boxing students enrolled full National Erlin Commerce and Industry 2015 school year, enrollment characteristics of sport class selection

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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Congratulations hospital female boxing student in May 9, 2015, participate in the "2015 National Industry and Commerce Erlin school enrollment selection of specialties annual sports classes - boxing class," after a series of technical subjects tests, including basic fitness (100 meters sprint, standing three long jump, sit-ups), special skills (jumping rope, basic movements and boxing, self strike fist hit sandbag self sparring), each usually lean out of strength training, bite the bullet and go all out, eventually defeated from four players, stand out, to give the school a few admissions, and fully admitted, news, staff and students are all rejoiced, and offer our warmest wishes. Court uphold the "No Child Left Behind" educational philosophy "proper development", in addition to the promotion of the skills test, but also regularly organize various cultural and recreational activities, fitness exam and talent training, physical fitness of students, development potential, play to our strengths, balanced development of body and mind, and find their own interest, set targets and move forward. The three female boxing students can rely on their expertise, be open and fair audition to get admission, is not only an affirmation, it also proves "there is no free lunch", "how to harvest, how to plant "we can look forward to a continuation of the spirit of education reform, and continue to Avenue of life ahead, and on their own continuing professional stage light, heat. The activity unit and handle phone: discipline department 886-04-8742111 ext 403
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