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Graduates hospital States participate in the "2015 State of the Changhua District Education Examination"

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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Court order for the country to participate in the relevant central graduates achievement tests such as the general school student, and need not bear strange looks outside, set up in 2003 to actively seek BCT States examination centers in the hospital, due to good effect, every year since 2012 Set normality examination room in the hospital so far. This year the Court were set male and female examination room and one each by the host school Lukang in Changhua County high school assignment Wunsing school five test examination officer to the hospital to handle matters. This year countries examination date of May 16 and 17 two days, the hospital a total of 23 boys and girls 12, a total of 35 probationers education graduates in the country examination, candidates full compliance with the provisions of the examination room, good order. Tanaka high school to principal Pan Fu, president of the parents and teachers were also present to encourage candidates, especially for the students has been in the examination of the composition outstanding achievement was impressed, to encourage students to explore their own strengths forward give yourself more recognition. Court 詹院长 also encouraged the students to carefully answer, to achieve good results, most of the students will soon have discharged in the summer, hoping to enroll at the school to enter the hearts of the ideal school, start a new life after discharge. Case handling unit and telephone: Senate Branch 886-04-8742111 ext. 321
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