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Fist down, brush life new color: master calligrapher Zhou Liangdun and Dude Yanzheng Guo teachers and students to talk about.

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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Court on 11 August 2015 invite calligrapher and artist Mr. Zhou Liangdun speech Mr. Yan Zhengguo hand-hospital "fist down, brush life new color: calligraphy master Mr. Zhou Liangdun with Mr. Atta boy Yanzheng Guo teachers and students to talk," because by that time mistakes into prison serving sentences in prison with Mr. Yan Zhengguo calligrapher Mr. Zhou Liangdun edge section of students and teachers, their own experiences to encourage students to repent up, back on track. Years ago, the star of "Dude" series of films has become well-known child star of "Mr. A country" Yanzheng Guo, who is well-known movie star, but for eight thousand yuan ransom, was sentenced to fifteen years, not only ruin the career, even his life ruined , through his father died in prison, inmate suicides, Yan Zhengguo begin introspection and reflection, and it took seven years, sophisticated research in the field of calligraphy, without interruption day, but also because teacher Mr. Zhou Liangdui met, a national treasure calligraphy teacher level, so he knows how to quiet, want to know how to convert a fist logical thinking life, bring a completely different new realm, he strongly encouraged the inmates can learn calligraphy mood precipitated manner. Speech live 300 hospital birth for both teacher and student Witty, sincere and moving content, all deeply moved, Chou brush more to live on the spot, the inscription "the opportunity is to prepare a good person," encourage all students. Mr. Yan Zhengguo to own their own experiences as an example, to persuade young people not to go astray on impulse, I believe it will encourage the students to re-change of perseverance and determination. The entire event in a warm atmosphere under a successful conclusion. Case handling unit and telephone: discipline department 886-04-8742111 ext 403
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