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Fiscal 2015 second volunteer group training

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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The Court held on October 20, 2015 on their own 2015 second year of training volunteers, invited the foreground, chairman of the Bar Association, but also of promoting professional teacher "Restorative justice" of Chen Yicheng lawyer, visit the hospital lectures - Restorative justice and good will to communicate. Before the speech, first of all hospital long Du Yuanzhang speech, thanked the volunteers who give and selfless dedication over the past year, it hopes to continue to assist the hospital care for their students. Lectures first communication as the general direction of the theme, a brief description of the manner and type of communication, and referred to the modern habit of self as a starting point, while ignoring the real significance of listening. In addition, the seminar also explained from a legal point of view Miscommunication prone on the court and in the courts use their way of communicating. Presentations lively and interesting, are enough volunteers, we learned a lot and look forward to the next group training activities. The event count has 45 volunteers to participate. Case handling unit and telephone: discipline Division 886-04-8742111 ext 403
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