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October 2015 cultural and recreational activities fun competitions - Happy Squares

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October 27, 2015 sunny, autumn afternoon, the Court held Oct. cultural and recreational activities, "fun competitions - Happy Squares" softball throw points race, class assigned 20 participants, each throwing a soft ball 1, according to the the shooting down of the grids points, such as: 4 minutes then put into four points, collected high and low points determine rankings, the top two case of the same points, then send another 5 per class each throwing a determination of the scores ranking, until ranking determination so far. First up is a girl class, saw the game live, we are ready, ready to go, do not look petite girls, little effort, are all trying to make itself struggling to get the ball threw, and finally by obtaining the first female country Zhongban name. Later the boys section debut to be outdone, also can not wait to get the ball throw, but sometimes because there is no aim to throw fly ball or ground ball, accidentally causing "laughter" fruit, full of fun. Results of the competition by the Technical and Vocational won first place in Class A, Class B second technical training. The ingenious fun competitions, both sports and entertainment, period by organizing the activities to enhance the team's cohesion and sense of honor, to achieve the aims of education entertaining. Case handling unit and telephone: discipline Division 886-04-8742111 ext 403
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