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Arts and gas exhibition flying dream life - Chinese Cooking Class C license class graduated cum exhibition of achievements

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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Court on November 27, 2015 (e) 104 10:00 am Check-year catering license class vocational training - "Chinese Cooking Class C certificates cum Class" graduation achievement of presentation.   15 outside who act violently fighting hard for teenagers, by the hospital Chinese teacher Chen Wenpeng teacher strictly teach tuning, the 720-hour training course, students learn in Chinese chefs work of professional skills, not only to learn entrepreneurial local snacks, but also successfully obtain Chinese Cooking Class C license, pragmatic skills-based training courses, in addition to obtain licenses for the training of the main objective, the sophisticated expectations of the future will continue to study the way in catering to make more dollars dining cuisine.   The event is organized by harmonica and saxophone class class talent show, kicked off at the same time the results of acceptance of Chinese classes, Chinese class students wearing chef uniforms, showing a professional production of meals, have resorted to special skill, total production site the 17 meals, such as rainbow cooking, River steamed shrimp, Chinese wolfberry silver cup, etc., each participant through the careful creation of their hard-learned good skills, show attendees taste, want to make attendees feel They actively strive to change direction. More hope to follow the example of "Aki division" or "Wu Pao-chun," by craft out of their way to success.   Correction Department of the Ministry of Justice Secretary Guo Hongwen said he was honored to participate in Chinese class achievements outreach activities, together with the guests and parents to witness this achievement, we need selfless giving children can learn more things in this safe environment . And encouraged students to adhere to the original intention, to go its own way, continue to pay passion and efforts, to pursue their dreams. Dean Du Congdian said hospital actively participate in vocational training, set up with industry trends trend curriculum, and actively counseling students to obtain licenses, so that students have the ability to close down immediately employment, that is the purpose of the course of creation. In particular, the event invited the local juvenile court protection officers, judges and parents of the graduating class Chinese children less cum Changhua Care Association, to witness the transformation and growth of the students. Look forward to the outcome demonstrated by technical training, so that our students get a positive affirmation and encouragement, help them successfully return to society. Case handling unit and telephone: Senate Branch 886-04-8742111 ext 320
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