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"And Aki division about" teacher lecture series - how to do their own elegant

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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Court on December 17, 2015 to handle "and Aki division about" teacher lecture series - how to do their own elegant lecture. Invite Fullon Hotel chief executive Chef Aki division (Zheng Yanji), expected to be Aki division own experience, to help the hospital to cheer the students and guide students cooking skills, and teach cooking small Piebu. Via presentations and interactive way to allow students to explore know efforts. Activities began with the hospital by the Aki division students to appreciate the learning outcomes classmates of Chinese film, via video so that students learn to understand Aki division manner, provide their own experience to guide students to learn how sophisticated the road in the future, also invited Arab Chinese cooking teacher group C Technician awarded graduation certificates of students, so that graduate students left a deep and intimate memories. It will be in the hospital just to get by Changhua County Music Competition harmonica harmonica group of second class to play the game of songs, so that the venue is full of joy and thanksgiving atmosphere. Aki teacher encouraged the students to choose their own election work passionate, enthusiastic will take the initiative, take the initiative to do it will have ideas, thoughts will continue to stimulate new ideas. Knowledge of life only "intentions" word, knowledge is the "want to learn will ask." There is no free lunch under the sun, I just do not see the aura Aki division, we need to understand Aki division is also very hard to have today. Only their own progress, it will not be eliminated. Dean Du Congdian thanked Aki division come to encourage and guide Chinese students in the class, but also allow students to learn the hospital to Aki division of efforts and adhere to the spirit in the end. Students can also look forward to as Aki division, said: "You can steal cooking step, but a man can not steal steps and endure hardship, do not behave Executive and elders to see, is they have to be responsible for." As for the work but also to keep three hundred thirty-three principle, on behalf of three faithful (loyal to the boss, supervisor, team), three resistance (patience, patience, endurance), three real (honest, pragmatic, practical), and other students to enter the workplace ethics Qimian After the right attitude in the workplace. Case handling unit and telephone: Senate Branch 886-04-8742111 ext 320
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