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2016 Spring Festival phone cog Events

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Went to the new year, a new beginning of the first to congratulate you all a Happy New Year, in the new year there is a new start with the people who care about their efforts to change up, live out a better future. Court Family Reunion activities specially organized phone before January 15, 2016 Spring Festival, providing young students to contact their families by phone to ease the longing touched home help contact family feeling of juveniles. Phone cog primary activity this year thanks assist Chunghwa Telecom, can the successful holding of this event. The family is the driving force to maintain adolescent life, love and the Court's teachings have a family enables Leo heartfelt willing to change themselves, more progressive, and thus away from the bad environment in the past, in this expectation that parents and teachers encourage each. Case handling unit and telephone: discipline Division 886-04-8742111 ext 403
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