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May 2016 "class harmonica, saxophone class Concert" event

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Changhua District Court invited by the Court to May 3, 2016 organized "class harmonica, saxophone class concert" in Changhua District Court Auditorium event was opened by the Changhua District Court Jiyuan Zhang Wensheng introduced this event aim is to ground School subject tutoring teenagers can understand, even to secondary education School girl is hard work actively in learning, as is proved if we really want can do themselves change, but also to District Court prosecutorial colleagues, understand the intentions of reform school counseling, education, and then introduced by the hospital Du Yuanzhang Code Cong, Probation teenagers in secondary infertility hospital is how to learn, to overturn his life. Then enter the performances, first by opening saxophone classes conducted in multiple harmonies, melodic, deeply shocked the audience's heart to win the applause of the audience, continue after the harmonica class performance, plus a unique ensemble transform the formation of own performance is auditory, visual double enjoyment, followed by two teachers note, we only know that girls can have such a superb performance today is not innate aptitude for the family of origin nor the day after tomorrow cultivation, but it came less auxiliary efforts after learning derived from the past. Activity last Jiyuan Zhang encouraged the girls to continue their efforts to learn, because all that is taught all his life will become an important asset in the District Court and to encourage counseling by teenagers, should motivated activities in the end Dean's teachings and ended with applause. Case handling unit and telephone: 886-04-8742111 ext discipline Section 403
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