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May 10, 2016 "the dawn of life share life lecture train" activity

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Communication is a bridge between people, and the words to heart, and the most likely people to draw closer, the Court invited the rehabilitation of people Yan Weixun lecturer, hospital-hand to share their life fortune to teach teenagers correct outlook on life and values, in order to pull into the distance and juvenile social and family interpersonal. Opening the lecture, first introduced Yan lecturer past negative experiences, childhood fights, Alice home, truancy, country after graduating from a particular birthday because of quarrel and accidentally killed a man, and thus start out probation by life, and later because of a vow He does good, noble encountered obtain a turning point, and then change the mentality of his life, began a charity trip. Activities, Yan lecturers teach teenagers, life long turn a concept can be better, do not like herself spent so much time on the wrong road roll, in addition to teach teenagers to respect their elders, love and thank my family, because life will always be this way his family backing unconditional love to take care of themselves. Finally, the activities end at the end of teenagers self-reflection and warm applause. Case handling unit and telephone: discipline Section 886-04-8742111 ext 403
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