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"Catch-up game jump touch, Culture and Sport" campaign

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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"Catch-up game jump touch, Culture and Sport" campaign To enhance students' physical and mental health hospital asylum, and to develop attitudes of students sportsmanship and focus of organizing catch running and jumping competitions in touch 24 May 2016 and 31 May. May 24 organized groups of boys 100m dash and 600 meter relay race, before each class players have to show high morale, intent won the championship glory, the first game was held 100 meters sprint, after the starting whistle player they all do our best toward the end of Mao, the results from the high a B player to score 12 seconds 63 won the first prize, followed by 600 meters relay race, won by the concerted efforts of students in technical and vocational a title glory . May 31 held twin girls group, and 6 groups skipping the game, cheering each class at the opening event after another, showing nei spirit activities firstly duo skipping contest results only a few points difference made by a female superior technical training classes, followed by Team 6, the female students together under grabbed by female Vocational class B champion. The event, at the students happy joy at the sound of perfection period. Case handling unit and telephone: 886-04-8742111 ext discipline Section 403
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