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2016 Moon Festival Reunion Activities

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2016 Moon Festival Reunion Activities The Court held in 2016 September 6 to September 8, "Mid-Autumn Reunion" this event will be invited to protect Changhua Rehabilitation Branch jointly-hand homes, the first day of classes for girls to participate in the activities of the day to see his family appear female students the moment, hugging each missing family shed tears, constantly telling thoughts of love. September 7, 2016 and on the 8th day of male students Reunion, unlike the girls in the class is that each male student happily greet the arrival of the family to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Reunion, Class Tutor also take this opportunity to discuss the current situation and future students and parents planning, but the parting still see the red eyes of the students, having left his family to leave, this activity is the cog in a warm atmosphere successful conclusion, students are reluctant to part with loved ones goodbye, also promised the next allow family reunion to see the rebirth of their own. Case handling unit and telephone: 886-04-8742111 ext discipline Section 403
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