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Life Education Seminar

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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Life Education Seminar In order to build up students' correct values ​​of life and further understand the spirit of "selflessness" and "great love" of volunteers, on October 25, 105, the school invited Changhua County Councilor Zhang Xuexuan to hold a life education lecture. I ", this event a total of four classes of 135 students to participate. The event kicked off by introducing the motives and significance of this event to the students. Through this lecture, students are expected to see the value of life at a higher level and to learn from Mr CHEUNG's selfless dedication. Mr CHEUNG said that "I am not helping them, but they are teaching me with my life", and then, in the course of their activities, To guide students to understand themselves and understand themselves, and then lead it to the values ​​of life, increase self-confidence, through an open mind to learn, and strive to change, to reverse life. The Honorable CHEUNG Man-kwong has invited many years of counseling to come to Taiwan to share his personal experience and how to turn over the process of self-life, so that students can use this as a mirror to change their own. This activity for the unit and telephone: Training Section 04-8742111 ext 415
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