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October for cultural and recreational activities - hard-word competition

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October for cultural and recreational activities - hard-word competition On October 26, 2016, we held a cultural and recreational activity - hard writing competition to promote the essence of Chinese traditional culture and writing esthetics, and to enhance students' interest in writing and to cultivate their ability to concentrate, observe and write. The event a total of 15 classes of 198 students to participate. The initial evaluation is based on missing words, mistakenly implanted, defaced, using the correction fluid, eraser, not finished, the first time, according to the rules of the game, the content of the disciples of the rules or Timothy chapter five (optional entry) To be deducted standard, re-evaluation according to the correctness of the standard font and the overall appearance of merit selected ranking. By writing the classic way, the purpose is to enable students to write correct and beautiful fonts, to enhance the structure of Chinese characters, strokes, beauty and other basic understanding and to promote the Chinese culture of filial piety, obedience and other traditional and the essence of the Sunnah Classic , And thus to enrich the soul, enhance the harmony of morality. The results of the competition: the first by Durban won the first, second, three were Qin classes, letter class award, and another four, five and 20 masterpiece. The case handling unit and telephone: Discipline Division 886-04-8742111 ext 415
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