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The hospital for 2017 Spring Festival cordial pro

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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The hospital for 2017 Spring Festival cordial pro The new year begins with a new beginning for the students in the new year, working together for the care of their families to make a difference, and to live a better future. In the Republic of China on January 6, 2017 before the Spring Festival special telephone cordial pro-activities to provide young students to contact their families by telephone to make it ease the thoughts of family and love, and help juvenile and family ties. Affection is to maintain the power of youth life, with family care and the hospital's teachings can make young people willing to change from the heart, more enthusiastic, and away from the past, bad environment. A total of three hours of this event, a total of 465 students to participate in activities, the first female classes for telephone Ken Ken, the call of the family come and go, the scene is very warm. Subsequent boys classes, although the scene is more quiet, but still see the cry of hearing their loved ones call, ruddy juvenile eyes, tell the family's thoughts, thoughts of emotion has been unable to speak. The telephone cordial activities in the moving atmosphere of the successful conclusion of the students reluctantly hung up the phone, but also look forward to the next Kenji reunion to allow the family to see the transformation of their own. This activity for the unit and telephone: Discipline Division 886-04-8742111 ext 415
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