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Students' Winter Camp for Buddhist Development

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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Students' Winter Camp for Buddhist Development In 2017, when the New Year's Chicken Year is approaching, the Institute and Yide Temple in Chiayi County will handle the winter camps on January 20, 2017. It is hoped that this institute will accommodate the students' wisdom, physical and mental well-being, Germany, the event includes 128 boys classes, 93 girls in class students to participate. In the prelude to kick off, the Master to encourage all students to participate in activities for the purpose of studying daily life, so that appropriate behavior, mutual respect and mutual acceptance. The activities of the Buddhist Growth Camp were very rich. On the first day, the Master of the Buddha and the Master of Truth taught the basic rituals of Buddhism, followed by Master Zong Lin's lecture on beauty and virtues. The Master of Mentoring taught his students how to learn in their daily lives. Virtue, "the internalization of cultivation will be able to subtle transformation into" beauty ", which is the phase from the heart of the truth, activities in addition to guiding students values, but also in different ways to express respect for teachers. The next day by Tian Zhilong lecturer "good things are beginning" to Zhou Liya Toga's story told the students, aware of self-mind, the past fault correction, from the heart completely repent, believe that with their own power can change life. In the second day after graduation activities to support the Sambo Thanksgiving back, by the students to the elders, teachers line disciples ceremony, thanks to its selfless teaching and support, and chanting chanting Vatican chanting, all the teachers and students for the hospital blessing Tongan. During the Buddhist camp, the vegetarian food is served in the early and middle lunches. In addition to adding vegetables, the students are expected to be able to eat healthy vegetarian food, reduce impulsive emotions and accumulate merit. This activity for the unit and telephone: Discipline Division 886-04-8742111 ext 415
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