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The school participated in the 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival won the high school team lights Wang

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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The school participated in the 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival won the high school team lights Wang The school to "really love chicken (trace)" as the theme, to participate in the 2017 National Lantern Festival won the high school group lights Wang Jirong, after hearing the whole teachers and students are all encouraged, the same glory, the entries can be successful, Thanks to the guidance of teachers and students to work together in order to create success and then create a glory. To encourage students to study the traditional lantern production skills, to show the diversity of learning, lively education effectiveness, open up the spirit of student creativity and teamwork, and then strengthen their self-confidence and honor, and promote the arts and culture, Culture and life, "and let the students learn through the skills of learning, enjoy the beauty of traditional crafts, period to transform the students to the heart, to" reborn, rebirth "of the new goals and training students from learning, from Learning in the growth of the attitude and spirit of the creation of lantern talent class, the hospital in recent years to participate in the national and local lantern games are bright results, this year more "chicken" year as the theme, to play creative design, works content meaning expression children Is the parents of the heart of the meat, the family because of the support of love, when faced with the invasion of foreign forces, the parents in order to protect their children, concentric together against evil forces, fully show their parents love their children, Positive enlightenment at the same time more hope to wake up the general public to face the importance of social family function. Hope that through this event, so that the public can pay more attention to juvenile correctional institutions education, management difficulties faced by the high degree of support, care and encouragement, while the traditional arts and culture teaching, so that students contact with traditional crafts and creative research and development, To explore and explore the individual artistic talent or potential ability in the face of life challenges when the mind can be in return, is to support its efforts to make progress; and effectively enhance the students' artistic creation and appreciation ability, in the exploration experience, Kaoru Tao Qi heart, and enhance students' teamwork and problem-solving ability, so that the development of physical and mental development. The activities of the unit and telephone: Training Section 04-8742111 extension 415
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