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Musical instrument donation charity activities

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Musical instrument donation charity activities
On March 8, 2017, the school organized a donation ceremony for the donation of the "Society of Love, Chang Fu Yi Yi" instrument. In addition to the meeting of the members of the meeting, Long, but also no lack of social performance companies such as: Formosa Pleasure Group Peng, chairman of the construction company, chairman of the board of directors and other well-known enterprises, the hospital a total of 136 students to participate. The
In his speech, the dean said that he could make the donation of public welfare activities. First of all, he would like to thank the Honorable Zhang Xueru, member of the Council of Changhua County, for his efforts to raise money for the purchase of saxophone and harmonica instruments. He also thanked enterprises, social welfare organizations and allied people for their generosity. To promote this meaningful public welfare activities. The harmonica class and the saxophone class are the talented teaching courses of the students 'musical class in the course of the students' musical class. In recent years, the harmonica talent class participates in the national student music competition. The 102 students have won the national student music competition high school The first year of the collegiate harmonica ensemble, 105 years of the school was also Changhua County student music competition high school organ harmonica ensemble first. It is hard to give students enough resources, thanks to the warmth of the community and love, so that these disadvantaged students get social care.
In addition to the donation, the school also arranged for the harmonica and saxophone playing the blue sky and Silk Road camel and other music to thank all walks of life to help, melodious music to win the guests warm and praise applause, the Speaker and Members said, The activities of the people, to arouse the community to participate in caring for the disadvantaged young people, but also encourage students to feel happy and happy to learn, firm confidence, regret up, the community will give a high degree of recognition and recognition.
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