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[I do not change ugly to the drug that NO] 3D anti-drug film charity activities

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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[I do not change ugly to the drug that NO] 3D anti-drug film charity activities
The hospital on March 14, 2017 invited the Chinese people to hurry of the goose all-care association for "I do not change ugly to the drug that NO" 3D anti-drug interactive film propaganda activities, the activities of a total of two sessions total of 279 students participate.
During his speech, Mr Tse said that thanks to Mr CHEUNG Xue-ru and the Chinese People's Association for All-China Care for the Hospital for so meaningful activities. Many new drugs are emerging. Various types of simulated images invade the campus, affecting students' health and sluggish students , By understanding the drug, understand the injury, and then away from the drug does have its necessity. Activities by the chief lecturer Mr. Zhou Yixian teach the students to understand the drug into the theme, through the 3D technology somatosensory interaction, the actual understanding of the dangers of drugs, many students exclaimed "drugs really terrible," "my God! Ugly? "What is the medical system physician physician that anti-drug is a long and hard work, can not rely on a unit and business support, the need to join the whole people, from small Zha root to start, so that more people know the drug, Drugs, and then let anti-drug education in-depth family, community.
Students in the appreciation of 3D anti-drug film interactive answer, with large data analysis to understand the psychological state of students and re-contact with the probability of drugs, the students said that since the first contact with such activities, feel a lot of novelty harvest, Face the future of their own life, deeply appreciate the courage to say to the drug NO, activities in the interactive enthusiastically draw a successful period.
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