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March 2017 Cultural and recreational activities "skipping competition" activities

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March 2017 Cultural and recreational activities "skipping competition" activities
In the afternoon of March 21, 2017, the school for students to accept the cultural and recreational activities - skipping competition, students in the spare time leisure time with a happy mood to participate in activities, a total of 13 classes of 304 students to participate in the competition.
The skipping game a total of two items, the first debut is the big rope rosetting game, the game is focused on the team's understanding, coordination, but also need to have physical and endurance, the students jump in the playground, the scene from time to time Encourage the students, insist on the students in the end, for the class for their own supreme honor. Followed by a rope skipping race, each participating students, are sprint 100 meters race speed, courage, and with the ropes of the rhythm of the rope, showing a clenched teeth, the mission will be determined to perseverance, adhere to the last minute, full Play the spirit of the athlete.
The results of the end of the game announced that the big jump rope lap tournament and rope skipping relay race by the girls in the country to sit in the throne of the throne, Durban students runner-up, third runner-up by the class and class award, awards, discipline chiefs Jia Mian students Fully demonstrated the fighting team and the spirit of mutual cooperation, I saw the students proud and excited look, must have experienced this event self-confidence to enhance a lot.
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