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The school for "to play the prototype of Journey to the West - in Turkey met my own" life education lectures

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The school for "to play the prototype of Journey to the West - in Turkey met my own" life education lectures
In order to enhance the level of mind perception of students, to teach students through their own understanding, to accept themselves and then change their own, rethinking planning future life, the hospital on March 28, 2021 invited Yunmen Dance Culture and Education Foundation Gao Mingqian lecturers held a life education lecture " Playing the prototype of the Journey to the West - in Turkey met my own ", this event by the girls a total of 4 classes of 101 students to participate.
First of all, by the director of the section of the activities of the motives and significance of this event, look forward to students through this lecture, learn everything uphold the gratitude of different angles to think about life issues. The beginning of the event, the lecturer to the role of a performer by self-pursuit and reflection process experience to tell the students, life will push you on the road to go, hide can not hide, forced also do not ask, lectures are different from the traditional Way, in addition to through the photos, the film and speak to sing the way interpretation of self-conscious changes in mood. "In fact, I have gone through a lot of failures and fragility is my essence, but I do not know why, I use the way of drama to show my strengths." Mian courtyard students understand their own excellent, Shortcomings, to accept themselves, certainly their own, for life to make the most advantage of choice.
High lecturers mentioned Turkey's wandering trip, let him find more true, good, beautiful, and this piece of land in Taiwan, identity, he also encouraged students to identify themselves, bravely face their own life, legislation Under the volunteer to do a person responsible for their own, I believe will be out of their own broad road, activities in the hospital full of firm eyes in the successful conclusion.
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