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The school for "live the color of life" care activities

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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The school for "live the color of life" care activities
In order to meet the warm gratitude May, while the courtyard students feel the warmth of the outside world, the hospital on April 21, 2021 invited Taiwan Societe Generale Charity Association will apply for "live the color of life" caring charity activities, the total activities There are 86 students attending.
The representative of the hospital said that thanks to all the participating groups worked tirelessly from afar, in order to care for the students selfless dedication of the spirit of love is impressive, charity performances are very diverse, rich, and encourage all the students here, The future efforts to up, when they have the ability to remember at the moment had felt the warmth, lend a helping hand to help people who need help.
At the beginning of the performance by the happy partner "lion dance" dance for the activities of the opening line, followed by the show one by one play, dance, comic dialogue, magic, sign language, opera, fun magic, pull bell show, life theater each stage All the students, sitting in the audience concentrate on the students sometimes happy and sometimes moved, with the performance of different content changes in the air as if in the air stirring, when the Arabian brother singing "Amy's kindness", I saw the students Could not help but red eyes, presumably the festivals before the memories of his most beloved mother feel it! And then by the Secretary of Zhu love to share, to encourage students to take lessons, re-starting never give up, to create their own life color, the event in the warmth of the concert in love to draw a satisfactory period.
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