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We hold "lectures on legal advice and rule of law education"

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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We hold "lectures on legal advice and rule of law education"
In order to establish a student's understanding of social norms and social norms of human rights, the Court invited the Foundation for Legal Aid Foundation Changhua Branch to attend the legal consultation and the rule of law education seminar on April 25, 26 and 27, A total of 13 classes of 375 students participated in the event.
At the beginning of the event, the representatives of the school were grateful to the Legal Counseling Foundation for the expedition of the Lawyers 'Lawyers' Office for the rule of law education. At the same time, the students were encouraged to be law-abiding people. When the mood fluctuated, I would like to take care of my body to respect the lives of others, lectures by Lin Yizhe, Xiao Peifen and Guo Pei-yu lawyers for the campus bullying, drug crime, card debt problem solving, parent-child custody issues and nuisance autonomy related legal issues, through the film, photos and reality Case analysis Explain the legal knowledge, introduce the rules of law, remind students not to touch the law network, and then lead the students to further explore how to protect their own legal rights and interests in the rule of law, through knowledge sharing to guide students to understand, understand and law enforcement, students and lectures Interaction in the more law-abiding concept.
    Finally, the lectures encourage students to comply with the provisions of the hospital during the hospital, live in harmony with the students to establish a good friendship, to accept the teacher to teach and care, positive progress learning, to meet the discharge of the day to prepare, the whole event in a warm atmosphere in the successful conclusion.
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