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"Mother's Day Thanks to Card Writing Competition"

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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"Mother's Day Thanks to Card Writing Competition" The annual Mother's Day is approaching, in order to allow students to thank the great mother through the text in the season of Thanksgiving, the school held in April 27, 2017 held "Mother's Day card writing competition" cultural and recreational activities, And high school group, by the class first mother Carnival writing preliminary, excellent to take the top five to participate in the final, a total of 69 students to participate in the competition.     Participate in the assessment of the teacher to see the contents of the work are all surprises praise, although the age of the students thanks to the mother thanks to love the feelings can be so deeply touched! We can see that the students are warm and kind heart, but a moment of misplaced, I believe that through the teachings of teachers in the hospital to learn to be combined with family love to give the power of love, will allow these students to re-bloom in life, shake.     The results of the competition were announced. The high school group won the first and third places by the Durban students. The third group was ranked second in the class. The students in the country group won one to three from the girls' class. The winning students will be awarded at the Mother's Day. Praise, so that students and family to share Thanksgiving, happy mood, the whole student works will be in the kiss by the students personally to the "world's greatest mother" chatting for the children and children a filial piety. The activities of the unit and telephone: Training Section 886-04-8742111 extension
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