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2017 years to accommodate students Mother 's Day

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2017 years to accommodate students Mother 's Day
In order to enhance parent-child communication, to gather family and communicate with each other, we have been able to communicate with each other in the 2017 years from May 9 to 11, 2017. Students and parents, have the opportunity to share Tianlun, a total of 285 students to participate in this event.
The first day of the activities by the girls classes to participate in activities, lively meeting students and long time to meet their loved ones warm embrace the screen makes this Ken activities more warm and moving, for young people and their families more understanding of human rights protection measures , To enhance the parents of the confidence of juvenile correction education, at the same time in the venue to promote integrity, rule of law education and the two conventions and other related films. The Chairman of the Board of Superintendents in Taiwan, Mr Edward Wu Ching-lang, also took care of the young people in the hospital on May 10 to further promote the concept and services of the rehabilitation business so that parents would be informed of the relevant services and assistance provided by the Association The
Three days of sincere activities, there are 615 families from all over Taiwan to participate in, to strengthen the implementation of the concept of education, the venue in addition to encourage students to use their time to enrich their future, the class instructors are more busy as a student and parents communication role, Encourage young people to know Fu Xi Fu, but also to remind parents to participate in the child's growth process can give full care, love and support. At the end of the event, in order to teach students to express their gratitude to their families on the eve of Mother's Day, students are invited to give their families a "Mother's Day Thanksgiving Card" and "Carnation Bouquet".
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