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The unit held the "2017 Zhanhua District Education Examination"

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The unit held the "2017 Zhanhua District Education Examination" In order to enable the country's graduates to participate in the relevant academic tests, but also do not have to bear the outside world strange eyes, in the Republic of China 92 ​​academic year to actively seek to set up the country in the basic academic test field, due to good results, since the 99 school year From the year in the hospital set up a normal examination room so far. This year the school set up a total of men and women test room, by the host school national legislature Lin high school designated Changhua County private Wenxing high school five trial staff to the hospital for examination matters.   This year the annual examination date for May 20,21 two days, the hospital a total of 19 boys, girls 11, a total of 30 probation of education in the country of the candidates should try, candidates throughout the test requirements, good order. Tanaka High School Pan Fu to principals and teachers are also specially to the scene to encourage candidates, especially the students have been in the examinations in the excellent essay performance was impressed, to encourage students to explore their own advantages to give their own more positive. Our president Du Cong Dian also encouraged students to carefully answer, for good results, some students will be discharged in the summer, hoping to enroll in the school can enter the ideal school, after discharge to start a new life. The case for the unit and telephone: Academic Section 04-8742111 extension 321
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