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In May 2017, the cultural and recreational activities were held

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In May 2017, the cultural and recreational activities were held
In order to explore the students singing and singing talent, to enhance students' interest in learning and training students to stand guts, typhoons, rituals and expression of the show, the hospital in the afternoon of May 23 held "Chang Fu song praise" karaoke song singing contest, a total of 26 groups of 41 students participating.
Competition began to introduce the review, thanks to review the instructions, followed by the game in the crowd look forward to a grand debut. In addition to the distribution of personal charm, the sound and skills are superb, the first game is to play the boys class, with a "longest movie" its extraordinary momentum shocked the audience; women do not participate in the class So that the eyebrows and girls students also to a "real" show delicate, sincere feelings, the whole game, all feel the students singing skills, interpretation of the mood of the lyrics and lay the focus of attention, I heard the audience exclaimed and Refueling sound thunderous ears, loud applause endlessly.
The strength of the competition are among the master gathered between the master, the final score announced by the Durban won the championship throne, Park class times won the runner-up honors, ground class is ranked third, the students silently make a wish, similar to the next game We must show a more superb strength, the discipline section of the long-term tired of the students to make persistent efforts to look forward to the next event to see the same sparks, the whole event in a warm atmosphere of the successful conclusion of the end.
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