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June 2017 Cultural and recreational activities "dream fly" Origami aircraft throwing far game

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June 2017 Cultural and recreational activities "dream fly" Origami aircraft throwing far game
In order to help students apply the principle of "working principle" to throwing paper airplane, understand the relationship between flow rate and pressure applied to daily life, entertain the fun of learning interest, through the expression of the students to understand the students and students to look forward to the dynamic and positive lessons After the leisure activities, the hospital in the June 20, 2017 afternoon afternoon for the "dream fly" origami throwing game, a total of 65 students participated in the competition.
The competition is divided into two groups: the boys' group and the women's group. The students will write their own dreams, wishes or expectations, and according to their own preferences to produce their own paper airplane, through the activities of the principle of fluid mechanics and Many of the phenomena in life, test the skills of students and the origami of the paper, the use of the concept of aerodynamics and shooting point of control, master all the key details of the people, to come to the fore. The first debut of the male high school class, I saw the students to strive for the best results resorted to the full, to their dreams to the blue and white clouds, then, women do not let the female students also resorted to the power of the prehistoric practice of the best state continued to Competition site. Participants are writing their own dreams on paper airplanes, hoping to share their days with their families as soon as possible, pray for their health, get a license, and become Asia's chief designer ... and so on.
The results of the results of the boys from the class won the championship class, righteous class times, the class is ranked third; girls class crown, runner-up by the Durban included, the end of the event in He Ke long Xu Yansheng "life dream, "Encourage the sound of the perfect period, the students with a good memories, toward the dream forward.
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