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Students summer education growth camp

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Students summer education growth camp
In order to keep the students growing wisdom, physical and mental settlement, accumulated Ford, the hospital and Chiayi County, Yi De Temple in July 13, 2017 joint summer vacation Buddhist growth camp activities, the activities include male classes 65, girls class 103 Student participation.
The Master of the Year was kicked off by the Master of Buddhism, and the Master exhorted all the students to study the daily life, to make the work appropriate, to respect each other, to accept each other, to "beauty and virtue" as the theme, Mian students through their daily life Learning beauty, internalization of self-cultivation will be able to subtle into beauty, the lecture referred to "virtue" so that all living creatures pass through the ages, "beauty" so that everything is bright, bright moments, activities in addition to the positive values ​​of students, To teach students to express respect for teachers, and look forward to the students lost to see the light.
Buddhism growth camp activities are quite rich in content, in addition to male classes Buddhist lectures, the girls classes Buddhist learning courses are also full of harvest, the mage taught female students chastity Shou Shou, charity, filial piety and learn to live in harmony with people, Buddhist camp during the diet , Early and afternoon meals are vegetarian supply, in addition to slightly add dishes, the hope that students can be healthy vegetarian, reduce the impulse, the accumulation of merit, pray for the family, the event finally, discipline chiefs encouraged students to feel good, Good fortune to do good, to be honest and kind people, I saw the students face to meet the happy smile of the face, for the entire event to draw a perfect period.
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