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The school for July 2017 cultural and recreational activities "chess" game

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The school for July 2017 cultural and recreational activities "chess" game
  To help students use thinking to carry out operations, reasoning and other educational skills, and enhance the learning focus, the hospital in July 27, 2017 for "chess game" cultural and recreational activities, the game is not like the past dynamic and lively, must rely on calm Thinking, calmly fight, ready to plan and implement the strategy, in order to win the victory of the game, this event a total of 13 classes of 26 students to participate.
    Contest in the courtyard of the Church by the girls to open the traditional vocal game competition event, the participants are the first class by their own primary election to recommend the best class players to fight. Participants entered the game venue, look nervous and thoughtful, seems to have been in the next move, in the minds of the mind, in the host to explain the rules of the race immediately after the game, in the class and the class of confrontation, regardless of , High grade, in the breath of breath in the chess, can not hear the screams, do not see war clouds clouds, printed into the eyes of the students are focused eyes and scratching the eyes look like, the hearts of looking forward, just want to use the game to beat each other , The achievements of the class of honor, as the dog in the chess king, fully demonstrated the gentleman of the dispute.
    After the end of the game, the birth of the school chess king, girls class by the Park net Luo crown, runner-up, boys classes by the love class defeated the pack to dominate the championship, loyalty class, Ren class is stable third, I saw the award-winning students with self- Happy to return to class, and the students seem to be planning the next comeback to the next victory of the blueprint for the activities of the discipline in the discipline section of the students encouraged the students do not arrogance, failure is not discouraged, calm atmosphere ended.
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