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For "the heart closer, from the heart" life education lectures

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For "the heart closer, from the heart" life education lectures
In order to enrich the students' minds, to promote the environmental protection of the students, to teach students to change themselves from the "heart", to rethink the planning of future life, the hospital on August 9, 2017 invited to the Institute of Humanities Education Institute Xu Xueling director of the hospital for life education lectures Heart from the heart, "this event by the male high school classes a total of 96 students to participate.
At the beginning of the event, the director of the course, thanks to the director of the course of the song to thank the law of the humanities education foundation for the students to open the soul of environmental protection students, hope that students through this lecture, learn everything uphold Thanksgiving and Xi Fu, when their minds master. Then, the event entered the subject, the lecturer first to "meditation", "positive interpretation, reverse thinking", "face it, accept it, deal with it, put it down" and "always grateful, believe yourself" To the hospital students, and quoted Sheng Yan Master said: "heart to dominate our feelings can dominate our environment, as long as their mentality changes, the environment will follow the change, the world is not absolutely good and bad, as long as the adjustment mind, (Rever, Relex, Enjoy), trying to guide students to meditate on thinking, to get back to good heart.
Xu lecturer to Jiang Bensheng water crystal shape experimental results, encouraged students, things, things hold blessing blessing, but also to the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, ​​the British 400 meters runner Raymond as an example, although the next leg injury recurrence, Still insist on faith never give up running the race, she encouraged students: "beat the opponent is only the winner of life, to overcome their own life is the strong." Finally, the lecturer to participate in activities with students chorus "against the wind", looking forward to all students to find The direction of life brave fly, from the heart of a new life, activities in the melodious music and courtyard full of confidence, firm eyes come to an end.
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