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We will be responsible for the "Student 4Q Summer Camp"

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We will be responsible for the "Student 4Q Summer Camp"
In order to make students understand themselves and learn to grow up in adversity, the school will jointly organize students' 4Q summer camp with the Foundation for Social Welfare Charity Foundation from 17th to 18th August 2017. The event is organized by male high school There are 93 participants in the class.
The beginning of the activities by the discipline director of the river on behalf of the hospital to give thanks, certainly and praise Xingyi Foundation long-term care for the students and selfless contribution, Jiang Kechang also encouraged students to take every opportunity to rebirth, efforts Learn and enrich the mind, ready for the future good life. From then, the lecturers led the volunteer teachers and students to "re-starting" chorus sizzling atmosphere to open the event prelude, followed by lecturers to psychological test interactive courses to help students know that they are unique presence, understand (AQ-adversity IQ, EQ-emotional intelligence, IQ-IQ quotient, MQ-moral IQ) course, to teach students how to adjust in the face of adversity, to help students learn how to adjust in the face of adversity Mentality, to do their own emotional master, while improving learning achievement, sophisticated moral cultivation, students and lecturers interactive hot.
In addition to the 4Q course, the lectures are based on the most distinguished Professor Chen Yau-hua in Taiwan, which encourages students to learn and never give up their minds. At the same time, they are selected by the United States as a member of Asia, , The line of good people worthy of follow-up, two consecutive days of growth camp activities, inspire students to self-awareness, but also to promote students to good power, and finally lecturers to encourage students: "tree direction determined by the wind, the direction of their own decisions, The owner of the future life. "Activities in the warmth of each other in the sound of the full draw period.
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