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We apply for students' cultural and recreational activities

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We apply for students' cultural and recreational activities
In order to encourage students to play creative, to show the way the performance of life in the hospital bit by bit, to enhance the identity of the students, by class students co-creation, teaching students to study tolerance, respect and mutual cooperation spirit, August 23, 2017 combined with our hospital Students "I grew up in the small sub-growth" creative poster contest, the event a total of 13 classes 65 students to participate.
The way of the game is full of open wall newspaper for the material, and hand-painted composition presented by the class students to participate in the team, free choice of various types of color or watercolor painting to complete the creation of the theme content, creative performance and art composition as the score, Take the top five, give prizes and progressive points as a bonus, the participating class team for the highest honor to resort to all the stops, to brainstorming to show the most creative works, and some to teach counseling as the theme; Of the technical training courses as the theme; more talent to learn as the theme, have shown their own unique skills, but also fully show the class in the field of learning unique features.
The final Durban to "growth series trip" as the theme, a symbol of students in the future direction of the ideal direction and won the championship, the class was Q version of the creative way to express the students learn and miss family Emotion ranked second, Zhi Ban, Cheng Ban and filial classes ranked third, fourth, five, winning entries will be arranged in the hospital interview room, help students to understand the families of students in the hospital life learning situation, Soothing family uneasy mood.
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