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For "love" care student performance activities

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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For "love" care student performance activities
    To help the students from the evil to the good, through the experience of members of the community charity to share, caring acceptance, to encourage students to reflect introspection, touch the good heart, so that students feel the community full of warmth and care, our special August 2017 Invited the rehabilitated regiment Changhua District will be admitted to the "love" care students performance activities, the event a total of three classes of 60 students to participate.
    The discipline of the hospital discipline section of the Secretary to encourage students, have made mistakes are not shameful, know can be changed to be valuable, open heart to accept the change, to create a new and dynamic, willing to enter their own. Activities by the Taiwan hope international members of the International Association of preachers to dynamic dance sizzling scene atmosphere, for the contents of a variety of activities kicked off, in addition to the warm dance dance performances more popular poetic singing, thought-provoking stage and through the youth The experience of sharing, etc., see the stage of professional performers superb performance, participate in the activities of students often enthusiastically to respond to the applause, which to small puppet stage drama caused a deep resonance of the students, the story describes the cut when the small puppet Free action, leaving the creation of him, love his carpenter, to pursue the dream of a beautiful new world, because not cherish the precious free, strayed into its base, experienced many real hardships, the heart has long been invisible yoke tied, fortunately, love His carpenter re-accepted him, with his feet warm his warmth, and finally, the darkness came again.
    Pastor Song in the activities to encourage students, during the hospital precipitation mind, remove the camouflage mask to find the truth, to be a humble good people, and finally, Pastor Song led us to pray for the teachers and students, hope teachers and students can be safe, Happy, the event in the warm and full of positive energy atmosphere under the successful conclusion.
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