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For students to prepare essay competition

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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For students to prepare essay competition
    In order to improve students' interest in writing, to strengthen students' writing ability and cultivate reading articles and books and newspapers, the college took the students' essay competition on September 19, 2017, with a total of 30 students participating.
    This event is written as "sure about yourself, caring for others" and "dream of youth", so that students can choose their own free and have the skills to play their own writing skills. , Through the activities of the process to strengthen the practice of student life education, to encourage the students do not leave the youth, do a good job planning and build a dream, the game to the title, paragraph structure integrity, writing fluency, text and punctuation correctness for the score four Big standard, the students will not study on a normal day into a refreshing article, students wonderful pen flower to write their own magnificent dream, delicate strokes beyond the juvenile, so that the assessment was moved to marvel.
    In addition to the competition by the Department of the hospital as a director, but also employ Tanaka high school teachers as the results of the results by the women's class to the dream of youth as the theme, the text reads: "Youth is a harp, youth I use me Their own unique way to play the song belongs to my youth "won the whole composition essay champion, Durban home times, class students with" life is not limited "a book about Lectra's life story, expect yourself can A person who "loves himself and loves others" to enjoy life.
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