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For 2017 students to receive student filial piety activities

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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In order to let the students express their thoughts and gratitude to their families, the school will handle the activities of "Mid-Autumn Festival Love - Students' Telephone Filial Pieces" in the afternoon of September 22, 2017, and students will be fully engaged in the activities. A total of 423 students will participate in this pass Thanksgiving activities.     Activities in accordance with the class in turn take turns to call, I saw the students to grasp the only 6 minutes of talk time, the family told the thoughts and bless the Mid-Autumn Festival in advance, the family at the other end of the phone at the same time to encourage their children in the hospital to comply with the rules, Teach the pain before the change, I saw the students miss the family mood in my heart red eyes, with trembling, choked to allow family members will be discharged again, start a new life, the venue is full of warm atmosphere, always revealed.     The telephone activities can be carried out smoothly, thanks to the China Telecom Changhua operations full support, the hospital set up a free telephone for students to use, by the enterprise charity students, to promote the students to understand their families no regrets to pay hard to remind students Forget the pro-grace, and finally, students have reluctantly hung up the phone, looking forward to the next kiss and let the family can see their own new, activities in a touching atmosphere in the successful conclusion. This activity unit and telephone: training section 886-04-8742111 extension 404
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