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For 2017 volunteer training

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In the morning of October 17, 2017, the "106 Annual Volunteer Group Training" was conducted in Chung Chung Tong on the morning of 17 October. A total of 33 participants from the community education and community volunteers participated in the study.     Liu Zhichang said that as a volunteer is a kind of care and dedication to others, thanks to volunteer teachers have long been selfless dedication to assist the education, accompanied by students living through the low tide of life, look forward to this study, rich knowledge and skills , Continue to counsel our students. The seminar will be held in the same way as "the chairman of the" Career Center ", and the chairman of the" Chiayi Consultant Psychologist Association " With narrative treatment and card media to help students find the past, present, future exceptions, discover unique results to understand the new meaning, through the narrative and sharing, to correct the relationship between students and their own problems.     In addition to sharing experience, the seminar also uses the card experience activities, so that volunteers can feel different from the previous one-way theoretical courses, into two-way interactive learning. "The lectures are encouraged by the volunteers," to keep the heart full of flexibility and to see what they have, and to believe that every one will pay for the seeds of hope. "The lectures are easy to understand and approach. Finally, the volunteer business supervision meeting by the discipline director of the river section, Jiang Kechang in the meeting one by one response to volunteer work in the process of counseling problems, activities filled with gratitude in the perfect period. This activity unit and telephone: training section 04-8742111 extension 417
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