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Consulate Care Concert for Grace Chorus

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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In October 20, 2017, the school was organized by the "Charity Choir Public Interest Caring Concert", which was composed of sects such as the Christianity Church of Taifang County, Southern California, USA. The 31 members of the delegation participated in the exhibition. From Canada back to Taiwan, through singing and drama, tenderness to impress the hearts of students.     Liu Yuanchang said, thanks to the grace of the choir back to Taiwan to organize prisoners concert, tour care students, through the activities to lead the students to regret up, out of the dark greet the light, Liu Yuanchang at the same time Mian courtyard feel grateful, cherish Grasp the rare opportunity to listen with "heart". At the beginning, the members of the activities to promote the activities of singing, by the sounds of nature, poetry, drama and information sharing, to deliver students to the gospel, led the students decided to pray, through faith, to guide the lost lamb, repair the injured soul, which To "find the hope of the girl" activities short play performance, causing the majority of the resonance, the audience reported a warm applause, while causing students to think about their past bad behavior reflection.     In the end, the group will be able to " Social identity, and he also prayed: "Let Jesus love to illuminate the people in the dark, get the light of life." Activities in the members of the warm and beautiful song, accompanied by 138 courtyard students through a warm and warm mind Music feast. This activity unit and telephone: training section 04-8742111 extension 417
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