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Student "Fun Jiugongge Competition"

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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In order to promote a sporty atmosphere, enrich students 'extracurricular group recreational activities and foster student teamwork, the school handled the students' "Fun Jiugong Softball Points" in the afternoon after school on the afternoon of October 24, 2017, for a total of 13 teams of 65 pitching golfers Participate in the competition.     Activities by the class for the first race, each class to send five elite players to participate in the final representative of the competition class score class-level integration methods, the beginning of the event, organized by the activities of the teacher explained the rules of the game, and remind students to comply with the competition rules, at Throughout the process of learning, students can understand that knowledge in textbooks is no longer just pure knowledge, but also all the "abilities" and "attitudes" they must possess in life When learning, you must be passive. Contest debut is full of confidence boys, students all gearing up, ready to go, all the best, although sometimes because there is no aim to throw fly ball or roll the ball, accidentally cause "laugh" fruit, Full of fun, but each student wants to work hard to win the highest honor for the class, then, by the girls class students to play, these women's army on the pitch not to mention, full of women's soft, tough qualities, let The whole event filled with youthful atmosphere.    The result of the competition was that the boys' team won the championship with YiChang and the runner-up took the second place. The girls group won the championship with the students from the same class. The students went on to compete again for the next race, Come on and laughter in the sound of the perfect period. This activity handle unit and the telephone: The discipline department 886-04-8742111 ext 417
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