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How to Face Setbacks Lecture on Life Education

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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In order to assist the students in building and pursuing their dreams of life, learning how to deal with setbacks and setbacks, and successfully turning over life, the court invited Mr. Liu Beiyuan to come to the hospital to handle "How to Setbacks" on the afternoon of November 14, 2017 Life education lecture, a total of 123 students to participate in activities.     In his speech, President Liu encouraged his students to face up to life frustrations by learning how to make mistakes, change their minds from their "heart", and never give up, cherish the love and care of their families and re-plan their future life direction. The event led students to chorus poetry, stir the hot atmosphere and kick off the event, led by the lecture to guide students to explore topics and learn about themselves. The lecture mentioned: "Success is a coincidence of history and It is extremely difficult to duplicate. However, people inevitably encounter setbacks in their lives, and inevitably, they will gain a firm foothold in the event of a setback, learn from despair, trust invisible hope, and hope in their hearts as long as they hope for the future. " At the same time, he stressed: "Learning to be alone, understanding yourself in loneliness, and changing yourself can meet the impact of the waves of life."     Do not be afraid to face disappointment, do not be afraid, as long as you are willing to make friends with setbacks, there is no unbreakable predicament, there is no hardship to survive, was defeated down to pick up a stone from the ground as you And the memory of the friendship between the setback, the future will be a dazzling gem, when you become a foiled friend, he will be willing to let you drive, that fall must be your point of re-standing. Activities in the warm interaction between students and lectures Q & A, draw a satisfactory conclusion. This activity handle unit and the telephone: The discipline department 886-04-8742111
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