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Our court handles the "dancing youth" dance competition

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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In order to inspire the potential of students' talent, play a creative and dynamic performance talent and cultivate team spirit, the court conducted a "Dancing Youth" dance competition on the autumn of November 21, 2017, which is very concentrated in leisure time.     A total of 13 students from 79 teams participated in the program. The dancing styles include modern dance, hip-hop, Tai Ke dance, belly dance, electronic hip-hop, homemade dance and haha ​​dance. Professional dancers, but focused look and clever body movements, so that the presence of the review and audience refreshing, exclaimed again and again, full of praise. Contest score content to show creativity, skills, teamwork and clothing modeling and other aspects of comprehensive scoring, each participating students all the best, showing a young passion, youthful atmosphere, the participating class team feel anxious to Access to review favored some dance team to join the eight elements, some will Avalokitesvara into dance music, and more to the theme of cartoon character modeling dance like tension, the championship team is neat rhythm with DIY Beautiful costumes, combined with the anti-drug theme, the drama into the performance of dance appropriately, the interpretation of dance most vividly, get the high score of the judge.     Although the results of the competition have won or lost, all the students tried their best to diligently practice and go all out before the competition. Such a learning process is always "first place in the minds of teachers". In the end, he instructed the Section Chief Jiang to encourage minors to learn how to win, to lose heart, to exert every effort to uphold their beliefs and persist in the end. To make these positive thinking personal seeds of thought, let it accompany you to sprout and grow in your life And thriving, the event came to an end in warm applause and laughter from students. This activity handle unit and the telephone: The discipline department 886-04-8742111
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