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The Court handled the performance of Cheng Zheng Secondary School students on "headwinds"

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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In order to help our students understand themselves and affirm their potential, this Academy invited the Chengsheng High School "Headwind Project" students to come to the hospital for the performance of martial arts and life rhythm workshop learning outcomes on the afternoon of December 12, Participate in activities to guide students from different angles to see different themselves.     At the event, members of the Legislative Yuan, Mr. Ke Zhien, Director of Correctional Bureau, Counseling Section of Forestry Bureau, Mr. Chen Section Chief of the Diet Section of the Ministry of Education, Mrs. Li, Chairman of Taiwan Good Foundation, Director Li and Cloud Gate Dance Team, Teachers and teachers also came to the venue to cheer on the students, making the event venue more lively and extraordinary. In order to express the welcome, first of all, the students of the harmonica class performed the lively music for the warmth of the event and then entered the theme of the event. The students of the show drew the best of the best from the students' In front of the audience, the students blended their own dance with martial arts and rhythm of life. Among them, the audience won the audience with the confident performance of African dance. In addition, at the same time, we also showcase our students' skills in handicrafts classes, hand-woven bags, quilted bags and a wide range of artistic creations at the venue. All guests are praised by the guests for their great potential and great encouragement to the students.     In his speech, President Liu encouraged his students to learn to face life in adversity. They should not be afraid to fail. They bravely walked their own path, rectified the leader of the Department of Forestry, and praised the students of the harmonica class and Chengzheng Secondary School for their performances. Work hard and encourage students to keep in mind the rare learning experience, strive to forge ahead and readjust their attitudes and directions in life so that life will transform, thrive, and live in a round of applause. . The activities for the unit and telephone: Training Section 04-8742111 extension 417
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