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Handle character and life education - classroom layout competition

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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In order to welcome the coming Spring Festival holiday and to refresh the New Year's atmosphere in the classroom area, this special session will be held on the eve of the Spring Festival. We hope that all students will be able to enhance mutual friendship and enhance mutual friendship through mutual assistance and cooperation Learning fun.     The classes are designed both inside and outside the classroom. They are characterized by layout and expressive features of the Spring Festival Scenery. The contents of the arrangement are informal and can be printed in slogans, pictures, photos, objects (such as flowers and pens), creative works (such as articles and calligraphy) Commendation pennants and so on. Arrangement of materials can also be diverse and mixed use, such as paper, cloth, wood, plastic, rubber, recycling bottles and so on. Arrangements to be connotation of humor, entertainment, inspiration, commemoration, lyrical ... and so on. Some of the participating classes are characterized by class learning features. Some of them are themed with the introduction of aboriginal beauty with intellectual beauty or some with the theme of making a promise of new hope for the new year. They fully demonstrate the ingenuity and intentions of participating classes, Let reviewers praise.    Competition results from the female high school Durban and technical training classes come to the fore, respectively, won the championship and runner-up, male high school love class is ranked third place, by participating in the competition process, through continuous care and sharing, look forward to Students in addition to experience the beauty of pleasure, but also feel the sincerity of life and charity. This activity handle unit and the telephone: The discipline department 886-04-8742111 ext 417
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