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This court handles "Rainbow musicals" to care for students' public interest performances

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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In order to let the students feel the warmth and affection of the outside world, on January 30, 2018, the court will join the Christian Rehabilitation Association Changhua District Association to invite the joy and nurturing homes to visit the Rainbow Theater for Caring Charity Festival. A total of 264 students participated in the event.     During the speech of Chief Kejiang, she expressed her gratitude to all VIPs attending the conference for their charity performance activities, so that students could feel loved, care and warmth. At the same time, he encouraged all students here to take a rare opportunity to enhance their spiritual growth, learn gratitude and gratitude, and do gratitude A person full of positive energy. At the beginning of the activity, the instructor led the chorus of students to sizzle lively atmosphere. Under the warm and wonderful musicality, the homesickness all came to mind. Then the "Best Master" , That is to become the focus of the audience focus, the students turn a blind eye, carefully watched, listen to the stage brilliant performance, performance team sometimes witty, sometimes sensual, hand in hand cast a touch between the audience affects the mood of the audience, Musical drama named in the role of costume color, such as King County, Cheng Chuandou, blue widow, red snake pie ... etc., described in the play to protect the safety of residents of Aries City, Golden County invited Master Huang to teach you to practice Wu defend Hometown, Crane 9 type: benevolence heart boxing, lion roar of joy, patience Tieshazhang, peace Tiebuzhan, gracious grasping hold, good floating on water, faithful Vajra legs, gentle hands, restraint jack, far-reaching implications, to teach students to keep Good, sincere heart.     At the end of the activity, Rev.Cai encouraged students, each of whom had an honored person in his life. Just like the enlightenment of this play, Master Huang silently cares for the spirit of never giving up, thinking of his family's contribution, taking lessons from the past, bravely breaking through difficulties and starting out again To persist in the end, to create a beautiful future for yourself, the event ended in the prayer of Tsai's prayer blessing sounding a successful conclusion. This activity handle unit and the telephone: The discipline department 886- 04-8742111 ext 417
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