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This court handles the lecture "Financial Education Seminar - Establishing the Right Money Concept"

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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The modern social and financial market has changed rapidly, and financial products have been introduced to the new era. To enrich student financial understanding, establish a correct concept of consumer finance, and develop a responsible attitude, so that financial education can take root. This Court combined the financial supervision and management fund in the afternoon of April 17, 2018. At the meeting, Huang Yutao, Deputy Manager of the Shanghai Commercial Savings Bank, was invited to give lectures on student financial education. A total of 8 classes of 208 students participated in the event. The instructors encouraged the students to listen carefully to the learning. With the theme of the activity “establishing the correct view of money”, I believe that the 20 years of experience in financial practice in the lecture will give students diverse and practical financial knowledge. In addition to broadcasting the video, the activity was carried out in a lively manner such as unwinding, interactive rewards, etc. The students participated in the lively manner. The students kept their ears and listened to their eyes and looked wide open. However, they were left with regret. The lecture further shared the work of the well-known writer Hou Wenyu - "gradually." The article mentioned that female college students applied for hotel female accountants, but later it became the story of Miss Taiwan. As an example, the students were reminded to adhere to the principle of five non-payment in the future when they entered the community to work. Don't unknowingly step into the "terrible" trap. In the course of the lecture, the grouping method was used to allow students to brainstorm about how to spend money properly. Through the wisdom of the students, it was obvious that the “correct view of money” had been quietly sprouting in young hearts. Finally, the lecture encourages students: “Each era has problems in every era. It is inevitable that people will be born with gold spoons, but also live in impoverished homes. Resentment will lead them to a more impoverished state of mind. All things are grateful and their families lose. Do not be discouraged starting point, life is still very long, perhaps a few turning points in life is different, trying to make positive wealth, when you use it when the provincial province, the use of 333 principles of income distribution (investment and wealth management, consumer spending, savings preparation), not Losing money, accumulating less, creating a happy life.” The activity was filled with smiles on the faces of students, and the warmth and joyfulness ended successfully. This activity handles the unit and telephone: Training Division 886-04-8742111 Ext. 417
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