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Mother's Day Thank You Card Writing Competition

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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May is a warm season and a season of thanksgiving. To thank students for thanking their great mothers through their textual content, this court jointly organized the Mother's Day Card on April 24, 2018 with the Changhua District Court and the Changhua County Children and Teenagers Care Association. The “Writing Competition”, a “Living Culture and Recreation” event, consisted of a group of middle school and senior high school students. Each class took the lead in the Carnevin Writing Preliminary Competition and the top five took part in the final. A total of 64 students participated in the competition.     Participating in the judging process, the teachers saw the works as surprises and praises. The young age of the college students could express such a deep and touching feeling that they were thankful for their mothers! It can be seen that the students’ hearts are warm and kind, but they are misunderstood for the moment. It is believed that through the guidance and learning of the teachers of the school, they can be combined with family affection to give love the power that will surely enable this group of students to re-emerge in their lives. shake. The results of the competition revealed that the senior high school students won the first and second runner-ups for the diligent students, and Renben was second runner-up; the junior high school team consisted of the top three honorees for the boys’ class. Each team also selected five masterpieces and won 16 students. At the Mother’s Day celebrations, the students will be given a public award for praise and joy. The students’ works will be hand-delivered by the students to “The Greatest Mother in Mind” to chat with children. A filial piety. This activity handles the unit and telephone: Training Division 886-04-8742111 Ext. 417
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